What would a freelancer do?

As a freelancer you will learn that your time is very precious. Before starting to work on a brief you have to do your homework and find out as much as you possible can about your client. That's to avoid being used by a scam client or fake company that only wants your work for free. There are patterns in working with such people that in time you will learn to stay away from. While you haven't met this sort of people in your career ahead is good to stay safe than sorry. Below are few tips to help you avoid such rough experiences.

How do you get to know your client?

When you receive the brief how do you get to know your client? Is it over the internet through back and forth emails, skype, out at a coffee shop or at the client's office?
Either way you have to make sure this client has a registered business, you know it's real business address and contact details, if possible check if it has a valid website, clients, reputation, see any article you can find about them.

What …

What is happiness?

What is happiness? When you get what you want and you don't need it anymore? Like when you ask for time and you then have too much of it? Or when you want to have a busy life then you beg for more free time! When you complain that you are single and you end up suffocated by someone to wish to be single again to then go back to being so alone? What is the meaning of all this? Why we go in circle on and on? What's the point of all that? When we get all that we want and need at the same time does life stops and we die happy? I don't get it!! The right time is BS!!

Ikea catalog Saudi Arabia photoshoped the women

The IKEA catalog from Saudi Arabia has photoshoped all the women.. they are no longer there!!

How to assemble your Wacom Intuos pen

After being asked how to disassemble a Wacom Intuos4 pen, I've decided to write a separate post on this topic. In the photo below I've numbered each step in the exact order of how I disassembled each element of my Intuos4 Wacom pen.
1. Remove the pen circular head by unscrewing it.
2. Pull gentle the button and you should hear a click when it's out as it's fitted like a lego piece in 2 holes. by 2 plastic pins. 
3. Slide gently the top half of the pen (the plastic grip).
4. This part should be easy as the bottom half of the pen comes out fairly easily ( in the eraser cap you should have 2 small springs that normally go inside of each other, b. there is a rail inside it through which you should slide the circuit board when you assemble it and it helps you to position it correctly)
5. This is the protective housing where the board is kept.
6. Slide gently the circuit board from the plastic main housing.
Please find the steps in the following image and if you need …

Sa radem si sa ne inveselim

Nu o mai las pe nevasta-mea la volan ... Conduce atat de prost, incat astazi GPS-ul a inceput sa spuna ''Tatal nostru". - Cum se cheama un cioban caruia lupul i-a mancat o oaie?
- Oaierless Anunt scris la o gradinita:
"Va rugăm sa nu luati in seama ce spun copiii ca fac aici,
pentru ca nici noi nu luam in seama ce spun copiii ca faceti voi acasa "
Mamico, vaca zice muuu sau nuuu?
- Eh, depinde de bou…

Sânii sunt dovada clara ca si barbatii se pot concentra la doua lucruri
in acelasi timp. I: Cum se numeste bagheta aceea care-i face pe barbati sa dispara?
R: Test de sarcina. - Ce femei preferati: cele care vorbesc mult sau pe celelalte?
- Care celelalte?

Marketingul pe înţelesul tuturor

Marketingul pe înţelesul tuturor 
Regulile de bază ale marketingului explicate amuzant de către un profesor la   Institutul Indian de Management din Ahmedabad (IIMA). 
1. Eşti la o petrecere şi vezi o fată superbă. Te duci la ea şi îi spui: "Sunt extrem de bine dotat. Culca-te cu mine".
- Asta înseamnă marketingul direct. 
2. Eşti la o petrecere împreună cu prietenii şi vezi o fată superbă.
Unul dintre prietenii tăi se duce la ea, arată spre tine şi spune: "Tipul ăla este   extrem de bine dotat. Culca-te cu el".
- Asta înseamnă publicitate. 
3. Eşti la o petrecere şi vezi o fată superbă. Te duci la ea şi îi iei numărul de telefon. A doua zi o suni şi îi spui: "Bună. Sunt extrem de bine dotat. Culca-te cu mine"
- Asta înseamnă telemarketing. 
4. Eşti la o petrecere şi vezi o fată superbă. Te ridici, îţi aranjezi cravata, te duci spre ea, îi oferi de băut, îi deschizi uşa (de la maşină), o ajuţi să urce, te oferi să o duci până acasă, după care spui: "…

Stop Monsanto killing the worldwide population

Bernie Sanders presents a bill that would impose on those such as Monsanto who produce genetically modified food to inform the population by adding such ingredients to the product label. We the population need and want to know what we are eating.