ZweiSterben by ~pfuispinne on deviantART tared e tot clipul.. cam spooky pe alocuri..

Asta e descriptionul: The title means "TwoDies" in german.
This is an animationmovie I did this year for the german TV channel 3sat to the topic "death and dying".
I filmed the actors in front of a blue screen with a Panasonic HVX200 and did the rest in post.
I used Trapcode Particular for the title and for the start and ending of the dream-sequences and watercolors for the backgrounds.

ZweiSterben by ~pfuispinne is a haunting, mesmerizing animation. The gothic, eery depiction of "earth" and the child's depiction of "dog heaven" and "human/dog heaven" are perfectly incongruous and there is just the right amount of humour and poignancy in it, to leave the viewer with a smile and some sorrow. - FacetiousKellyAna (Suggested by ~FacetiousKellyAna and Featured by ^guruubii)


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