bonsai kitten

Auzisem de asta acum cativa ani, dar a venit discutia despre asta cu copiii si uitati si voi una alta ce fac oamenii nenorociti.. asta se numeste bonsai kitten.. cica ar fi fost farsa dar RSPCA a intervenit..

dar asta tine de un mit un mit urban cica "

Bonsai Kitten was an internet hoax that claimed to give instructions on how to grow kittens in bottles as a form of decoration, similar in fashion to a Bonsai tree. Soon after birth the kitten is supposedly placed in a glass container, allowing the kitten to grow to fill the vessel that contains it.

The kitten allegedly breathes through specially drilled holes in the glass and may be fed and expel waste through tubes, and their purpose is supposedly as an elaborate ornament, instead of a pet. While the website is no longer online, mirrors with copies of the website content exist and are generally referred to.

The hoax

Despite a massive negative response and much belief otherwise, the entire site was an elaborate hoax by a group of MIT graduate students.

The site was in part a parody of the Japanese art of bonsai, but also resembles the mythical practice of comprachicos (in which the subjects are human).

The hoax suggested that people could buy the required equipment through the website; this turned out to be entirely false, like the rest of the site. The hoaxer went so far as to create a falsified guestbook on the site, containing user responses, but checking these email addresses proves fruitless, as none of the users are real. Further support for the hoax came in the form of a falsified mailing list.

The original registrant for was falsely listed with the address for the Department of Art History and Archaeology, Columbia University.



Anonymous said…
Am mai vazut si auzit de asa ceva.E groaznic de ce sunt in stare unii oameni daca se mai pot numi oameni.Ar trebui sa fie torturati,sa fie inchisi la fel intr-un glob de sticla si tinuti asa la nesfarsit....
Niky said…
nici nu ma pot uita la video de deasupra.. i bet k nu are rost oricum! gosh.. idiots!!! atat... mai mult nu are rost!

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