long update

An update with what I've done lately plus pics to make it more relevant :)

2 days ago I got my new hard drive of 1tb for only £55 which I'm very proud of :D my old one was formatted and interrupted while doing that, reason for which it stopped working properly ever since.. now I got space again :D

but now let's go in order event by event ending with the most recent..

1. been to Stockholm but I need special post for this alone and I will come with pics from the royal wedding..

2. we went to Greenwich to see the museums and the rest.. well we got there late and all was closed so we just wandered around and had an ice cream..

3. I went with the H&M to see Toy Story 3 3D where each got to pay it's own ticket, but me I was very disappointed about the movie and the animation.. all was like a 2D animated grown up story.

4. Came back from the land of God.. Marrakech.. I will make a special post about my review..

5. Kappa's sister came from Netherlands and we went to a medical museum and out for a drink and I gave Carmen the necklace from Marakech which I knew she will love :) this was a late Easter present..

6. Been with my lovely to the park and we saw lots of people going more to the center of the park as if there was something going on.. we followed the group.. there it was.. the Jamaican day.. barbecue and loooot of people..


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