Proud English Teacher

Yesterday the tutor came over for her English lesson and at the end of it we were talking about the piano since it was right there and how difficult it is to play it.. I don't know how the whole conversation switched to the English language and as I already told I'm Romanian not Italian as I look according to the tutor, even after being asked and gave the explanation of my origins, she kept on saying how difficult the English language is to learn comparative to the Italian one which has only 45 sounds, where as the English has 14500 sounds alone, plus the exceptions.. I said well, the Italians when they speak English sometimes like in french too, they don't pronounce the "H" even if is there because that's how the rule is in their language, and for us Romanians is mainly read as is written pretty often found in all the Latin based languages.. and then she looked at the kids telling them how lucky they are to be native English speakers since this is the most difficult language out there, even more difficult then Chinese.. as she was saying this I pulled a smile and tried to keep my surprise to this sudden nationalist position she took, that I could have alter by just adding "this is why most of the people out there find it the most easiest language to learn as a second language, unlike, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Greek, or any other Latin language--it's all based on the grammar structure" but keeping it all to myself was much wiser then to spoil her moment of glory in linguistic matters by discussing about the syntax and linguistic details based on the similarities and differences between the first language and the second or third language, as structure, to make it much easier or difficult to learn..


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