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time traveler??

check this out.. it looks like there is a lady speaking on the cell phone... the footage was made in 1928 by Charlie Chaplin, when there were no cell phones invented.. no antenna nor signal receivers in the 28's, but what is that black thing that she's talking at??


took me a while to make the face.. :D

micul dejun.. de ieri si de azi!!

19895:00 Scularea.
5:05 Aprind focul și pun apa la încălzit.
5:30 Apa s-a încălzit ușor
5:35 Adulmec parizerul și mă hotărăsc să fiu nesăbuit : îmi tai patru felii
5:40 Pâinea e cam veche, de ieri seara, se sfărâmă. Totuși reușesc să tai două felii.
5:41Pun în apă un pliculeț de ceai chinezesc. Îl folosesc abia a doua oară, așa că o să iasă un ceai tare.
5:42 Îndulcesc ceaiul cu o bomboană cu miere (că zahărul pe cartelă îl iau abia vineri). Bomboana nu e dulce, e amară.
5:45 Clefăi pâinea cu parizer și mă ajut cu câteva înghițituri de ceai. Parizerul n-are usturoi ! Fumez un Carpați fără.
5: 55 Îi înjur pe Ceaușescu și Dăscălescu și plec la serviciu 1993 6:00 Scularea.
6:05 Aprind focul și pun apa la încălzit.
6:15 Cafeaua e gata. Cafea bună, adusă de cineva din Turcia. Totuși, parcă ar avea un pic de gust de mucegai.
6:20 Îmi pregătesc paharul cu suc de kiwi de la dozator.
6:40 Am luat o pâine turcească, o nebunie. Am și un pliculeț cumpărat de la o unguroaică, ceva pe care scrie ”Baromfihus…


4th day since we haven't spoken.. and it was proved.. if I don't call or go over there, then here it's where it all stops.. I do something.. things start rolling.. I stop it.. all things start to fall apart... at least now we both figured it out where we are.. but pretty sad to find out this way... and now he calls.. busy, busy, busy... and we fight and things got back to normal.. I had to keep a short lecture and now it's all good :)

The God of Small Things

Today I finished the most boring book ever.. just to have the revelation of a great book at the very end of it.. for those interested is called The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

Costica, dormi??


from today..

communication brake down

Curiosity is one of the things that make me, be me.. I'm curious about small things, big things, anything.. and if I call to see what you are doing is not because I'm checking what you are doing, is because I'm curious by nature to see how people are doing and what's new.. if I don't call no one calls and there is no communication.. so I decided to not call.. I'm the only one here curious enough to call and maybe is better to brake the habit cos curiosity is the one that killed the cat..


this keeps on playing in my head... "I cared deeply for her".."you are not like her, you are spicy".. "you have to leave again, I don't like letting you to go alone on the streets at night.. why don't you come and move in with me and I'll get to see you daily".. "babe I don't have time to put pictures with us but I will do it over the weekend".. "do you remember when we spent hours kissing? it took us hours..I hated it! this is for when we are home".. "until you find a job you can stay with me for a couple of months and if things don't work out between us you are more then welcome to stay but I'll bet you will want to move out soon".. "when you search for accommodation can you look one for me too, maybe in the same are, central"

don't let go... never give up, it's such a wonderful life..

this is how i feel..

past and future

I knew this guy in the past that I was very much in loved with.. never felt anything like it since.. the feelings weren't mutual, but even so, he was the first and only guy that ever gave me a flower.. was a white rose.. he said it was white because it meant respect and that's what he felt for me the most.. nothing else as deep.. by giving me a red one meaning love and passion would have meant a lie.. I didn't deserved to be lied.. so was only honest and fair to receive a white one.. I always waited for that red rose to come.. it never did but when it will come it will be from that special person.. also he never was there when I had my big moments.. no one from those I kept in my heart couldn't make it because there were other more important things lined up that couldn't be missed.. so I had my driving license exam, my dissertation exam, my first private view, and he couldn't be there.. there was my birthday, Christmas, New Year's Eve, Easter.. the same..…

1 oct 2010

A full year since it happen.. soon Christmas.. it must be a family thing not just a gathering where you get to exchange presents.. is not complete.. is not the way things should be.. is not the same.. it will never be the same..