this keeps on playing in my head... "I cared deeply for her".."you are not like her, you are spicy".. "you have to leave again, I don't like letting you to go alone on the streets at night.. why don't you come and move in with me and I'll get to see you daily".. "babe I don't have time to put pictures with us but I will do it over the weekend".. "do you remember when we spent hours kissing? it took us hours..I hated it! this is for when we are home".. "until you find a job you can stay with me for a couple of months and if things don't work out between us you are more then welcome to stay but I'll bet you will want to move out soon".. "when you search for accommodation can you look one for me too, maybe in the same are, central"

don't let go... never give up, it's such a wonderful life..


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