Cheryl Cole vs Nadine Coyle

Why everyone likes Cheryl Cole??? she has an average voice for a singer, because when it comes to singing live plus to reach high and low notes she fails.. her music is linear because of the lack of a good voice.. she is charming as an animal and probably her personality too, but as a performer she is helped by the beats in her music, the outfits and choreography.. this is all it comes down to regarding her talent.. where as for her colleague Nadine Coyle, well she can sing live.. Nadine has a strong voice but probably not the right connections to promote her as well as her Girls Aloud colleague was, and she hasn't exposed her relationships problems to the public to be launched on the front page of a magazine.. so when it comes to judge the voice it all about the voice not the legs, looks, connections or what else there is to it in this industry.. what's the point of the comparison cos it's obvious here which one is a better singer..


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