What do you say about REAL LIFE BUGS??
Well it looks like recently on the UK TV channels this advert is played constantly.. and why am I so pist off about it.. well from the advert it looks like the Brit owners of this magazine are encouraging the people to buy the magazine by offering as a bonus, alive animals, scorpions, insects or god knows what other creatures.. they all come plasticized (fossilized) in a plastic box.. it's all shown in the advert how they do it as they are alive during the process!!.. and all comes with the magazine.. imagine the amount of this alive, some rare creatures that are killed just to sell this magazine.. what a treat to give the buyer a close up look by owning one.. soon we will have extincted species all in the name of the marketing.. everything is going backwards with this campaigns meant to make money and destroy what we take for granted!!

They are in association with National History Museum.. where is RSPCA to take action?? or lets welcome the activists!!

If any of you has a bit of conscious, please do not encourage this cruelty towards the helpless creatures by buying or recommending them to others.. discourage if you can, those attracted by their beauty.. and remember that the beauty of this insects stays in them being alive still for many centuries to come.. everything that developed in a natural way on this planet has it's own little purpose to keep the planet and the life on it in balance.. we have the duty to not brake this link, by leaving it untouched..

I'm not talking BS here it's just as seen on TV.. the source:


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