For skin problems and not only I recommend pharmaceutical products based on natural ingredients. Keep in mind that for some products you pay more for the packaging then for the containing, as we do for L'Oreal and Garnier.. anyways here are some of my favorite face products which are a bit expensive, but they do work and don't create addictiveness.. also they cure the problem not cover it..

La Roche Posay is a French pharmaceutical product based on Thermal Spa Water. It protects against UV rays, moisturizes and locks the moisture in where the skin needs it, also gets rid of the blemishes and other skin problems such as acne and is gentle with your skin. I used this products for over a year and I can say they work like magic even after the first day, reason for which I recommended them to my friends. The quantity is sufficient enough to last for a long time as the product itself is very rich and efficient in small quantities.

Micro Needle Roll of 1.5mm can get rid of your spots (excess of melanin) in short term but also your scars can reduce even disappear on long term use. You can feel your skin firmer, stronger even after the first use leaving you with a glowing healthy looking skin. Redness appears after every usage but fades away in few hours so you can go out without any problems. The best bit is that it stimulates the collagen secretion which prevents the wrinkles from appearing also smoothness the old ones. After every use the skin gets very dry so it needs a good moisturizing cream.

Izotrexin is a British pharmaceutical product based on the erythromycin antibiotic. Works as a gentle chimical peeling and prevents infection for skin with problems. On long term use you can see real changes obvious to others too as it gets rid of superficial scars as well as wrinkles. You can get it from a pharmacist on prescription. If you are using this you should avoid sun contact as it creates melanin in excess and leaves your skin unprotected against UV rays.

For good result I combine all the above products and use them in the following order:

- morning I use first La Roche Posay Hydraphase Rich and after is absorbed by the skin, the La Roche Posay - Effaclar Duo
- evening I use Micro Needle Roll for 20 min to cover each zone of my face and roll it in different directions and after the Izotrexin which stings a bit.

In this order my skin has time to recover through the night until morning.

Each product is around £15, but keep in mind you got one skin, so make a financial effort and get it, as it will last you a long time. Also remember without proper care, a bad looking skin will diminish your self confidence and you don't like how you feel when your face has all kinds of problems that all the make-up can't cover.
Go buy it and look pretty.


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