What do you think is better a pc tablet or an ereader?.. I read a lot about this but it seems if it's strictly for reading and if I am a heavy reader, then the ereader will be the answer.. but if I want more from this gadget then a PC tablet is what I should go for.. now on the market there are several options and maybe too many to help me decide which one to go for, but is to be remembered that it must have a dual core processor, 3G, SD slot, camera, support for a variety of application, touch screen with low responsiveness time, adjustable brightness and luminance, speakers, at least 7 inch screen, light weight, LCD screen and a good price.. here I've came across some reviews of what's about to come and what's already on the market..


Lilly said…
Of course its the tablet PC, its by far the most sophisticated gadget one can easily have on hand these days.
Kitesurf Surf said…
I would definitely have to go with the Tablet PC no doubt about it... However, there's one distinct function of the ereader that I love most...

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