expiring date

Have you noticed that here in England lots of products don't have all the ingredients, the manufacturing date and the expiring date on the label.. it's all about money.. as long as it sales who cares if it's good or bad for you in depth.. no wonder at TK-Maxx most of cosmetics stink since they are out of date and they show up as clearance products.. I'm using a Champneys scrub bought from Sainsbury.. don't know when was made nor when it will expire.. I have it for a while and had a funny smell from the very beginning.. now my skin had no reaction to it but should I wait until it does so, to know if it's off date or not?? Home we have a law for this and every product no matter where it came from and what is its purpose, must have ingredients, manufacturing date and expiring date on the product label and on the packaging.. here no way.. also the milk, the bread I mean the essential products god knows when they were made to know at least what they are using to make it last for so long.. and it looks like at times the product goes bad even before the expiring date.. strange to not take care of this in England which is suppose to be a rich country which still runs by primitive system such as the Victorian one mainly for health.. not to mention the architecture, banking system, heating system, water supply system, also the way they chose to spread to cover the surface until soon there will be no space left to cover.. live crammed in a wide house without making it all efficient and spread on the height as well, etc.. dissapointing


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