In life there are so many types of people, but what I can't stand are those that take and never give.. and when you stop giving they feel insulted.. but have they ever even considered to give at least once? as consequence more people are out of my circle.. I normally give 3 chances to repair your mistake, but when you don;t but make another one, then I let you go as you will be a waste of my time.. I visit you and I cover the costs, you don't visit me even if invited, I call you, you don't call me, I write to you, you don't write to me.. you say you miss me or you love me, but you do the opposite of the meaning of this words, so what should I make out of this? then this are the 3 signs where it all stops even if once in a while on a special occasion I text you and then you want to see me.. good bye for good.


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