things I dislike or hate

- text someone and not get an answer back
- write to someone and not get an answer back
- to introduce you to my friends and you to not introduce me to your friends but to have the nerve to invite yourself to our gatherings
- to be asked to do your duty and when I do it to hear that is not to your liking then to pretend we are still friends
- to be asked to come over and then you to come 2 hours late on purpose
- to be told one thing and another at my back
- do things for you because we are friends but not getting the reverse
- promising things that you never fulfill just to cover your back in case I might stay there waiting for those promises to happen
- I keep my promises but to be told that I never do so just because I can't deliver them when you snap your fingers, but in my own time
- to be expected to give a certain present of a certain value and then to be send to charity regardless the financial effort made to please you
- to be asked to come over and when I do to not be a good time and then you to repeat the same in a text after I leave to turn me back as a yo-yo effect
- to give the minimum or nothing and to expect the world


Ifinder said…
Well. So well a fascinating and bold Profile and similar the colorful template. And The expressions expertise. So beautifully and categorically narrated things you dislike. It seems it is a riddle of mind why one dont follow though knowing. Why, is it to gain and not to loss ? Thanking You for sharing so inspirationally and with Best Wishes.
kady said…
Thank you! I very much appreciate your nice words :)

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