Saatchi Gallery

I went yesterday with Gino to Sloane Square.. we went to the Saatchi Gallery.. Seriously I think people because are either not as educated as they were before, or the society has broaden the acceptance of non ethical elements and lowered it's standards for creativity, now more and more disturbing pieces of junk since I can't call them otherwise, are labeled by prestigious galleries as pieces of art. I see no creativity, no ethics, no beauty in this type of creations which to me look more like a pile of rubbish exposed on a table as an artistic master piece.. in my opinion, this days the originality is embodied in a cheap junk where is lost the sense of creativity where the artist/ creator looks like at a quarter of the work process has lost interest in finishing the art work so since it's accepted as innovative it's send half way done, for evaluation to be excepted by a gallery.. to me this is not art and I don't really need to read a long piece of sheet of explanation for what a the rubbish pile might represents to be artistic (even the explanation of the concept can't stand as an explanation for the object presented) as long as I look at it and I see just the rubbish and nothing else as if the artist or owner of the gallery is trying to convince me that, that is art!! It gives me no emotion, no feeling what so ever other,then the full sense of the wrong in it.. people don't you see what that is.. dirt and dirt in a pile mixed with metal junk! deeply offended by allowing this people to be called and promoted as artists not to mention to sell their "work" for a ridiculous price... that's revolting as this is the vivid proof for the lack of creativity.. here are some pieces of art by Peter Buggenhout, Kris Martin, David Altmejd, Dirk Skreber, Thomas Houseago, Rebecca Warren, Matthew Monahan, Oscar Tuazon, Berlinde De Bruyckere.. and among them there were few artists Martuin Hornet, Anslem Reyle, Bjorn Dahlem, Sterling Ruby, David Thorpe, Matthew Brannon, Folkert de Jong, Roger Hiorns, John Baldessari..


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