The last 3 weeks were pretty busy.. I went out with the twins and met one of their friends, I had to finish a portrait of Magda for her birthday, find a costume for the dress up party and create things to decorate her garden.. I wanted to go for a Xena outfit or Marie Antoinette.. couldn't find what I wanted for a reasonable price since all were for at least £49.99.. so I had to kind of buy bits and pieces to build something up.. I went to a charity shop and looked for a sort of princes dress that I could have modified.. well found a very nice blue one and I bought it for £12.. all I needed extra was a tutu skirt, tights, flower for hair and some other random accessorizes.. home I tried the blue dress.. I'm size 8 and this one was size 10.. to my surprise this dress couldn't even fit me, imagine to zip it up.. I think it was size 6.. so the whole night before the party I didn't sleep at all as I was trying to customize this costume or modify it somehow that it might work and still look good.. at 9 in the morning I went to bed furious and dead tired as I realized I haven't accomplished anything just lost hours trying.. I had the alarm set up to wake me up at 11 to give me time to get ready to be at 12 at Magda's to help her with the preparations as she asked me.. very upset for the lost hours.. I spent the entire night building a costume and decorations for the garden to sort of mix with the Alice in wonderland theme that Magda was going to be.. in the rush of the moment I just put some layers on of the same colour.. all pink.. I looked like a ballerina while the theme of the party was favorite movie character.. I decided that I would be a princess.. Aurora the sleeping beauty, the only one with a pink dress in the Disney movie collection.. I went with the whole costume in a bag and helped Magda with the kebabs and decoration of the garden.. the tiredness feeling went away after a while and later on Gino arrived too.. there were lots of people some that I already knew.. we had a barbeque with polish sausages and lot of other meats and salads.. this is the real deal not the British sausages where you don't feel the meat taste.. God knows what they are made of.. everyone loved the food plus we had some nice cocktails made by Magda.. the music was supposed to be from the movies we each were dressed up as, but we eventually changed to something else as it was pretty much all soundtrack music.. at about 2 we went home dead tired.. I want to order a costume now to kind of be prepared for the next fancy dress party to not be caught of guard like this time.. overall even with the lost time, it was entertaining.. I haven't got many photos but here are some.. enjoy :)


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