ASDA ice cream commercial

Has anyone seen the ASDA TV advert of the rocket ice lolly.. well there is a little girl licking the ice lolly and while doing so she has this amazing line "Whenever I have an ice lolly I lick it then I eat it".. statistics show that Britain has the biggest pedophile number and you ask yourself why.. with this kind of adverts no wonder you lure them.. is like they are made to encourage the pedophilia!

also they encourage unhealthy eating.. see the advert of the little girl that eats ketchup..


Colin said…
What total a Bollox comment! Can't you just enjoy a bit of innocence?!. Its all in your mind!
Anonymous said…
Why do you like the advert colin? How can you be so ignorant.
kady said…
good question.. maybe is because he likes little girls.. he enjoys a bit of innocence..

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