TO outline or NOT the fonts

To create a booklet probably you all know you need to create a file to send to the printer, but other then the one you are working on.. well here is where I need to go to.. in 2005 I started doing the layout in CorelDraw and Illustrator and every time I had to convert the text to either curves or outlines on each page. Now pretty much everyone works with PDFs. That's because there is no need to convert the text to outline as the new PDF formats (x1-x4) have been created to support transparency, gradients, and embed fonts. The first flattens the effects. They can be open with Acrobat 4 and above. The later versions can even support live transparency. There have been few good discussions about this if we should or shouldn't outline the text. Since the PDF X-1 can flatten the transparency and outline while doing this and embed the fonts so that everything can be open on with an Acrobat 4 version then this is safe on the other end of the printer. No real need to convert any text. However there are some fonts restricted from being embedded that Adobe does not support. On outline they get distorted, mainly visible on an offset printer. There are 2 tricks for outline text while flattening a transparency for a PDF in CS2, CS3, CS4, but CS5 doesn't not work on the same hackery as Dov calls it, but he came with one similar that works for CS5. For more on this please read the content in the links below.


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