Birthday List

Since I was asked to make a birthday list here are some of the things from my wish list. Keep in mind I don't have to receive any of them, but are just things I want to buy myself in the future.

- shock absorber bra - size 34B - black - for running or core range (all have the logo in front):
- PLUNGE Sports Bra Top - level 3 - black
- MAX Sports Bra Top - level 4- blue
- PADDED PUMP Sports Bra - level 2 - black
I would go for black level 2 or 3 mainly

- size 24 in -kappa already ordered it and it doesn't fit me

- tablet with 6 or 7 inch, front and rear camera but not VGA!!, 3G/4G, SD slot, removable battery, CPU dual core,GPU nVidia Tegra 2 or GeForce ULP, wi-fi, bootooth, LCD screen, GPS, at least 1Gb RAM, lot of ports: USB, jack, microSD, headphones etc, battery 10h, rez 1024 x 600, supports Flash, support for a variety of application, touch screen with low responsiveness time, adjustable brightness and luminance, speakers, etc

- MBT trainers size 5-the tallest,

- photo camera 14Mp or above, sony cybershot or nikon cool pix - amazon

- black metal mesh desk office organizers, for storage individually for pens, files, folders, CD/DVD and other desk items

- gym black trousers - leggings like - high quality plain without any patterns, textures, drawings, or writing on them

- black hobo bag simple, no buckles, ribbons etc, but I will buy this myself as I know how fussy I am so no attempts please - tk-maxx

- boho summer dress with stripes, all vail, light colours, long lenght, size S

- phone with internet, skype and big screen, 5Mp camera at least with FLASH, GPS

- A4 zip folio black/orange/pink, but no mixed materials, fabrics or colours!! with 4 or more binding rings

- small black metal mesh desk bin - in Tiger is £5

- A5 sketch book with saddle stitch or anything else, but NOT SPIRAL BINDING!!

- Havaianas flip flops size 4 mixed colours, from tkmaxx or ebay :D

- small photo album 6x7in - around this margins


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