53am Salon Review

I must give a negative review to 53am salon in Notting Hill, place which must be avoided. I went yesterday to have my hair restyled with a new fresh haircut. I got a voucher from Groupon for "Wash, Cut, Restyle, Blow Dry and Conditioning Treatment for £26 at 53am (Up to £75 Value)". The booking was done quickly. I received only the haircut and blow dry. Once there I asked for lots of layers and an inch cut of the length. Kate my hairdresser said layers can't be done on medium long hair so she just give me a trim. But really I always had layers and it can be done!! When she saw how unhappy I was at the end she cut something at the back. She was mute the whole time she cut my hair and ignored every time I asked her to give me layers. She didn't let me look at the back and home I’ve noticed I have a gap at the back of my head. I'm furious with them since this was meant to be a service given by a stylist not an amateurish hairdresser. I still want the haircut I went in for, but now on top I have to correct the gap she left at the back, so my hair will have to go shorter. I’m very disappointed with the service. Avoid Kate a tall red haired girl. I hope the rest of the staff are more considerate. The place looks a bit dirty and could use some floor and wall washing, plus a desk cleaning. The staff could be educated to be more service oriented and friendly and take into account the client's requests! AVOID this place!


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