Fatcow vs UnlimitedWebHosting Review

I just joined UnlimitedWebHost.co.uk I'm starting to regret this, maybe because through comparison they are no way near the top class service provided by my previous provider FatCow, which was so good at delivering solutions in the shortest time.. now I get frustrated with the new host provider as it's been going on for 3 days to get help to set up the form mail. . they asked me the same questions over and over to hand them the fatcow script which I don't have and then they asked me to use some random script from google.. wtf.. why they don't support it by default like a normal web host provider?.. at FatCow was done and running in 30min.. it's getting on my nerves as UWH don't seem professional at all.. plus their control panel plesk it's so primitive and we are forced to use it.. no application it's installed and if you want to have it installed well you have to disable the php safety option, or else you get an error.. I'm starting to regret being with them and it's already my 3rd day with this provider.. it's time consuming to have to call for support for every little thing..
FatCow are the best but it's a shame their prices are a bit too high for my budget, but next time I will go back to them as the price vs quality brings all to balance..
Looks like regardless the downside of the high price as the rest it's first class service!! on the long run fatcow it's a better choice as they are fast, reliable and secure with professional staff which.. this will save one time and money!


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