I'm so pissed off with the VERY website system and how their politics works. When I bought something from WHSmith I received a voucher for Very with £30 off when you spend £60 or more on the first order. On top the website states that for new customers they apply 10% off on their first order. Finally I decided to buy something from them. I opened an account, I got an email saying they gave me a credit of £500 and to enjoy my shopping. On the checkout surprise, surprise.. none of the vouchers worked. It’s been going on for nearly a weeks since we go back and forth explaining to them that I meet all the requirements for a voucher like this and it should work.

This is my first order as I just subscribed to . I received the voucher and I am the account holder so all is on my name. All the items in my basket are not on sale and they are still in stock. At checkout I added the code and clicked submit and I got the message “T6MHA - This offer code is only valid on a first order” . Even if I go to enter the bank details there is no £ 30 deducted from my bill. The voucher is valid until 31 Dec 2011 .

The explanation they gave me is : Unfortunately 1st order codes sometimes do not work automatically via the system due to mis-use. Only selected customers who have been targeted for the code are eligible to use it . The only way to apply it to your order is if we do it manually, which we can only do once you have received the goods and have chosen to keep them because if we do this before and you choose to return the items then it would result in an over-credit.

Come on how hard can it be to order online, since the system it’s pretty much the same everywhere.

The nerve this people have!! They asked me to carry on with my shopping and call some 0800 number to guide me. Who would believe them when their vouchers with terms and policies are not respected, imagine if they do something outside the agreement what are the chances they will apply some promised words, once they got their money. I’m so furious with them.

This is a lottery, because no one knows who is eligible to use the Very voucher!


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