Web Hosting

I've been looking for a good web host for the last 2 weeks. I have a very good provider, in fact it's one of the top, but because I had a 70% off deal and now I have to pay the full price a bit over £90 per year I find it a bit too much, so I have to look for a new one.. I have been reading reviews after reviews and people should know to run away from Mochahost as they are a very misleading company that is after your money only. Actually there is planned a campaign against their service.
It's insane how many options and how many hidden prices there are.. I looked at Web10, iPage, iMotion, HostGator, Kualo, GoDaddy, UnlimitedWebHosting, BlueHost, JustHost etc.. It's a very tedious research that still to this point hasn't helped me find a host.. I'm running out of time and I'm feeling the despair!! Need help with advice or something.


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