NYE in London 2011-2012

I've been to other countries for New Year's Eve, but London is by far the worst on the entertainment chapter for this particular day. It's pretty much non-existent.. Where are the live shows and the concerts.. the food stalls, the events? Where are the all night long fireworks in the whole city to make the night seem day? What is the mayor doing? 10 minutes of fireworks only in the center with radio, come on Radio BBC to entertain the crowds!! Even the Romans knew better on this chapter and this was centuries ago.. haven't we learnt anything? The masses need food and a good show!! What is there to do on the streets in London on the NYE?? Nothing! Squeeze like sardine and freeze from an early time for a disappointing night.. Now I'm asking, does it really worth the trouble? For London this is not something to be very proud of, as everyone living here, will advice you to DON'T go!


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