Romanian government is applying the lethal injections to stray dogs

Recently the Romanian government has came up with a law that brakes any animal rights law. They decided to do euthanasia to all stray dogs. This is outrageous as they haven't followed/applied any plan or form of reducing the number of stray dogs like sterilizing them, applying medicine to unhealthy dogs, let alone to secure shelter and food or run a national advertised program like give a dog a home. They received money for this cause and no one knows where they went. YES, they went straight for the KILL.
This people in the government have some sort of political or financial gain from this and for them this is only a strategic step to make them advance in their hidden agenda.. I'm Romanian living abroad and I'm furious with this law and the lack of scrupulous of our government and president.. our entire system it's corrupted to the bone!!

We must do something about it before it's too late!

"Traian Basescu’s campaign of killing dogs has NOT been STOPPED by the NGO’s in 2002“, as the declarations of the PDL go, IT WAS STARTED by Traian Basescu in 2002, a campaign that lasted until 2008 and, even if unofficially is still on ILLEGALLY in many cities of Romania!

When a ruling party is investing so much money and so much energy for turning an aberration into law, and then invests even larger sums in order to sustain it, it means that that party is counting on a substantial profit after that particular aberration has become law.

If Elena Udrea, Sulfina Barbu, Roberta Anastase, Mircea Toader, Vasile Gherasim, Sorina Placinta, Costica Canacheu and the others responsible for the pro killing propaganda from the ruling party really think that this law has any other purpose than „releasing” some budgets for the elections campaign, we hereby invite them to a PUBLIC CONFRUNTATION with the representatives of the animal protection organizations. During this confruntation they will have the chance to explain in detail their arguments and motivation the same way the representatives of the NGOs have done it on so many occasions and are ready to do it anytime."

More at the source: Save the Dogs

"In perspectiva anilor electorali viitori, Puterea de la Bucuresti a decis sa reinstituie, prin lege, eutanasierea cainilor comunitari, ceea ce va insemna o afacere electorala de peste 300 de milioane de euro. De ce? Pentru ca experientele alegerilor din 2004 incoace au scos la iveala un “necesar” de 100 de milioane de euro pentru fiecare campanie elecorala. Asadar, localele si parlamentarele din 2012, dar si prezidentialele din 2013 ar fi asigurate pe pielea bietilor catei. O miza de asemenea anvergura mobilizeaza exemplar fortele portocalii din Guvern si din Parlamentul Romanei, in incercarea disperata de a adopta proiectul legislativ PLX nr.912/2007, modificat, la Camera decizionala, prin introducerea eutanasierii. Proiectul mortii se va supune votului marti, 7 iunie 2011, in plenul Camerei Deputatilor.

In scopul justificarii formale a fondurilor de 300 de milioane de euro, pretinse de la Bugetul de stat, s-a recurs la tot felul de stratageme . Spre exemplu, deputatul PDL Stefan Pirpiliu, a declarat, intr-o dezbatere televizata, organizata de postul “10TV”, ca, in judetele din jurul Capitalei, ar exista 500 000 de caini in strada. Un alt portocaliu, prefectul Bucurestilor, Mihai Atanasoaei, pretinde ca numarul cainilor comunitari din oras s-ar ridica la 100 000. Una peste alta, cifrele voit exagerate, vehiculate de autoritati si de acea mass media aservita Puterii, cu privire la populatia canina de pe teritoriul Romaniei, sunt de 10 , chiar de 20 de ori mai mari decat situatia de la fata locului. Asa se face ca, mai nou, in loc de cei 200 000 de caini fara stapan, existenti in realitate, presa manipulatoare si reprezentantii PDL vorbesc de 2 sau 4 milioane de caini comunitari! Mai departe, in privinta costurilor eutanasierii, inaintea intrarii in vigoare a legii nr.9/2008, unii primarii ai PDL raportau costuri medii ale eutanasierii unui caine de circa 100 de euro. Spre exemplificare, prezentam, schematic, cateva date obtinute de catre Federatia Nationala pentru Protectia Animalelor (FNPA) din orase administrate de PDL, ce dovedesc minciuna, exagerarea costurilor si ineficienta masurii de eutanasiere, adica tocmai afacerea frauduloasa cu caini ai strazii:

In 2001 erau aproximativ 40 000 de caini fara stapan.
In perioada 2001 – 2007 s-a declarat eutanasierea a 144 339 de caini!
In perioada 2001 – 2007 s-au cheltuit 9 milioane de euro pentru pretinsa eutanasiere.
In 2011 sunt aproximativ 40 000 caini comunitari, acelasi numar ca si in 2001.
REZULTATE: inca exista caini pe strada, in ciuda cheltuirii a 62de euro/caine eutanasiat!

BRASOV (adresa nr. 1172/11.05.2009 catre FNPA)
In 2001 erau 4 000 caini fara stapan.
In perioada 2003-2008 s-a mintit ca s-ar fi eutanasiat circa 20 000 caini.
In perioada 2003-2008 s-au cheltuit 1.45 milioane de euro cu pretinsa eutanasiere.
In prezent, sunt 4 000 caini fara stapan pe strazile orasului.
REZULTATE: inca sunt caini pe strada, desi s-a raportat cheltuirea a 72 de euro/caine eutanasiat!

ARAD (adresa nr.9386/17.03.2010 catre FNPA)
In perioada 2008 -2010 s-au eutanasiat 2 986 caini ( motivul:„boli incurabile”!!!).
In perioada 2008 – 2010 s-au cheltuit 308 048 de euro pentru eutanasiere.
REZULTATE: inca sunt caini pe strazi, chiar daca s-au cheltuit 103 de euro/caine eutanasiat!

SLATINA (adresa nr. 2/24.09.2010 catre FNPA)
In perioada 2008 – 2010 s-au eutanasiat 1 111 caini ( motivul:„boli incurabile”!!!).
In perioada 2008 – 2010 s-au cheltuit 205 500 euro pentru eutanasiere.

REZULTATE: inca sunt caini pe strada, cu toate ca s-au alocat 184 de euro/caine eutanasiat!

Pretinsele costuri ale eutanasierii ( aproximativ 100 de euro pentru un caine), inmultite cu pretinsul numar de caini fara stapan din Romania (in medie, 3 milioane), conduc la fabuloasa suma de 300 de milioane de euro! Iata cum se fura, „din condei”, fonduri bugetare, acoperitoare pentru trei campanii electorale! Inca o afacere oneroasa si criminala, de zeci si sute de milioane de euro, pe seama unor fiinte fara aparare! Amintiti-va de asa-zisele „gripa aviara” si „gripa porcina” sau de caii de la Letea!"



Gorilla Bananas said…
This terrible. I hope rich Romanians offer to adopt some of these dogs. How many dogs does Ilie Nastase have?
kady said…
I don't know if he has a dog or not but rich politician have come up with this law.. and it's been going on since 2002 off records..

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