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Semnati va rog petitia internationala care are nevoie de 1 milion semnaturi
pentru a fi prezentata Comisiei Europene ce va urgenta trimiterea autoritatilor sa se adreseze inumanitatii si sa stabileasca legi solide pentru Romania si Europa cu privire la legile pentru bunastarea animalelor. Cerem Parlamentului European sa intareasca tratatele privind Bunastarea Animalelor la care s-au angajat Statele Membre cand au semnat sa intre in Uniunea Europeana.

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This is an international petition urging the European Commission to stop the extermination of stray dogs in Romania

Every day we receive more disturbing images and eyewitness accounts of the massive "canine genocide" occurring in Romania. This group was founded to collect a million signatures -- one per dog slaughtered -- which will be presented to the European Commission, urging authorities to address the inhumanity and establish solid animal welfare laws in Romania and throughout Europe. We ask the European Parliament to enforce the Treaties concerning Animal Welfare that the Member States have signed up to join the European Union.


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