How to add jump links to multiple posts in wordpress

Yesterday I spent pretty much the whole day searching and reading about how to create a jump link to a post title within the same page.
I want to have all the title links above the page and on click to be sent to the very article without having to scroll all the way down. This has to be done dynamically and I tried to combine the anchor links used in html and the id tag to the php code, but for multiple posts on a page this becomes a problems as it can't be generated by wordpress. I need the php code for this.
From what I read this question has been asked for nearly a year and the only solution is to use a plugin. I don't want to use a plugin as I know it must be another way around it.
Any help will be much appreciated.
I tried a bit of everything.

The usual html code:




Here I should add post-123, where 123 = the numeric post ID. This doesn't generates the future posts id tag but only one link for a specific post. It doesn't necessarily needs to be within a ul.

This is only the first part of the loop, but I couldn't quite understand how it works.


echo "Next Project";?>

It's so annoying that I can't show the code as the blogger platform sees it as a html error and includes the php code into this post.


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