ShePAC bannes Facebook visitors

I was watching earlier The Young Turks video about the ShePAC which is attacking the HBO comedian Bill Maher on making jokes about women. In my opinion this is one mean PR move to make them popular by attacking the ones who laugh at the republicans. Maybe this is the real purpose of the group and no one can bitch about something better than a group of women. Yeah, that's exactly what the world needed. You can watch the video fully above.

However this rouse my interest in seeing what this American group was about. I went to their website and a window popped up with a video editing taken out of the context of Bill Maher's jokes during several shows. On the front page is the same video with what seems to be a joke advert to call on Obama PAC to "Denounce Misogynist Bill Maher". Looking around on the page it's seems very propagandish more like a women’s movements against the left wing disguised in a conservative women's group called ShePAC.

I had to check their facebook page, but strangely enough there isn't much to read about how they support the women‘s causes, especially with a bill against abortion and contraceptive pill waiting at their door. As I was reading the latest comments on the wall, some of them which I must say made a pretty good point, just disappeared in a matter of seconds. In one comment the group was criticized for attaching the poor HBO comedian, while ignoring the serious political acts against women, done by politicians. But nothing is mentioned about this. Few minutes later I decided to leave my comment as this started to enrage me looking at what was happening in front of my eyes. My comment was removed just like the previous ones were. I was raising the abortion issue. Why would they remove it? After I asked a young lady in a comment where she stood when it came to abortion and contraceptive bill, as she was claiming she wanted to make a change when she would grow up. This got me banned from leaving any comments.

Any feedback from a non-republican or from someone with a wider point of view is completely removed. Yes this question we all ask, why? Is because this page is meant for republican women and republicans only full of naive comments absent of substance in what should women do for women. Not surprisingly women’s rights and freedom in this country aren’t supported. When you scroll through the facebook page you will see articles in favor of Sarah Palin, Ann Romney etc or often comments like the ones the Project GOPink an organization which wants to catapult republican women for a governing position.

One more thing! Now this guy is a real misogynist on stage and in real life and guess what he's a comedian too.. so if you have to go trough the trouble then ask Obama to do something about this guy instead!

Luckily I’ve made few screen shoots to prove how this group works.

What about the right wing which trashes women's right with all kind of primitive bills? Humor has no effect over the country's well being, but political destructive bills do, like promote and encourage war to get cheap petrol, enforce a certain religion's morality as politics and abuse women and gay/ lesbian's rights in a 21 century intellectual society! That's outrageous! Bill Maher laughs at the stupidity of what certain people say and do in order to gain power and popularity in a time close to election. He's not the bad guy here same as Julian Assange isn't. The ones that commit crimes and do bad things should be judged not those which fight to enlighten us. Where are the world's moral values for good and bad??


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