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Journey in finding work in London

I remember when I first arrived in UK. That was 5 years ago. As soon as I saw London I knew this was the place where I wanted to be.

Before coming here I was having a secured job as graphic designer in my own country. I was lucky enough to get this job right after graduation even though I held a diploma in philosophy-sociology. Drawing and designing have always been my main passion. This was something I did in my spare time and that's how I learnt how to use CorelDraw, Photoshop and ProPaint years ago. It helped me build a portfolio which granted me my dream job.

In my nativity I thought with a bit of hard work I would carry on doing the same in London, but the journey proved to be a lot harder than I expected. Being Romanian even though a EU member, our work rights are limited here to aupair, agriculture and constructions. I went for the aupair job and to not lose, but rather improve my design skills, I joined a college the moment I arrived in London.

I was very ambitious at the …

Goodbye Illustration

My friend is leaving the country for good. Since I didn't know what to get her and I wanted to be something light that she could carry back home, I've made what I can do best, an illustration of her. This is her portrait. Hopefully in time this will still remind her of us her friends and London.

I used a photo as reference. It took me roughly 3 days to paint it in Photoshop. Her reaction was a well worth whileeffort :)

Recent work

This is something I've done this month..