Digital Design vs Graphic Design

When I started working as a graphic designer the job requirements were so different than the ones today for the same role.

In 2005 graphic designer meant to be fluent in CorelDraw, Quark, Illustrator and Photoshop for printing design for illustrations, logos, posters, flyers, books etc.

Nowadays a graphic designer needs to know the entire Adobe Suite meaning:
Illustrator - logos, vector illustrations, buttons, icons, typography, brushes, custom shapes etc
Indesign - layout for posters, brochures, books, catalogues, calendars etc
Photoshop - photo editing/retouching/manipulation, visual effects, digital painting, textures, brushes, patterns, buttons, web design etc
Dreamweaver - web design, HTML/CSS, responsive fluid grid, html email, newsletters etc
Fireworks - web design, framework, buttons, animations etc
Flash - banners, adverts, email marketing, animations etc
After Effects - video editing
3D modeling/Java/PHP/Ajax/Pearl/MySql would be a plus
Web apps for iphone and android

When you think all these are done on a computer hence all it's digital design. Well not so easy as today these jobs are divided in so many names that it's so hard to grip in which category your skill set falls in.

These days you have apprentice, intern, trainee, graduate, entry level, junior, mid weight, senior, professional role for each of the following roles:

Graphic designer


Art Editor

Art Director

Creative Director

Digital Designer

Web designer

Web developer

Front-end developer

Back-end developer


Game Tester


Concept Artist

3D technician

Lead Artist

When you know a bit of everything for each position what do you choose? You can't know them all fluently, but these days you are expected to do so, regardless the job you are aiming for. What is the best thing to do to get your foot in the door and start with what you know?


Derek Gendron said…
Amazing Graphic designs thanks for sharing.

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