Embarassing Workers

In my search for jobs I came across few embarrassing mistakes from random employees that are meant to have a conversation with me and decide whether to invite me for an interview or not.. not professional at all. 

Today I received an application form to fill in for a job I applied in May.  Apparently they've been busy with hundreds of emails, but I'm lucky enough to be considered to fill in the form. Except for one small detail. "Please be aware the deadline for applications is 16th April, any applications received after this date will not be considered. Due to the numbers of applications we receive, we are not able to respond to everyone, so if you do not hear from us within one month of the closing date, you have been unsuccessful this time." Today is 7 June for goodness sake! This email was sent by the Bookings Manager. 

Wednesday being yesterday, I was out from early morning so I didn’t had time to check my email. At about 2 o'clock when I got back I saw I was invited to an interview for Wednesday. Good news, right? Well NO, because the email was sent a bit after 1 pm and I was meant to go to that interview on the same day I received the email . Since I've seen it late I couldn't organize my time to attend it. They said they would arrange a phone interview for today and I asked for the time to make sure my phone would be charged and that I would be in a quiet area with full coverage. I got no reply from them. "I am pleased to inform you that after reviewing the hundreds of applicants that applied for this position. We are happy to select you for our next phase interview for this opportunity. Finally, are you able to come into the office Wednesday this week to have an interview at our East London office?" Nowhere in their email was mentioned their office address. The email was sent by the owner of this business which offered unpaid internship with no perspective for future hiring after the 6 months full time contract.

These are the most recent emails, but I have quite a collection of more alike.


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