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List of poisonous drinks

Iata lista ingredientelor otravitoare din sucuri:1. Tartazina (E 102): colorantul galben care imita sucul de portocale poate provoca ADHD sau sindromul agitatiei permanente si mai multe forme de cancer.2. Galben de chinolina sau E 104, se afla pe lista celor mai periculosi coloranti, fiind o substanta cancerigena, care poate provoca obezitate si boli neurovegetative.3. Galbenul portocaliu, E 110, este un alt colorant care imita culoarea galbena a fructelor si care poate provoca alegrii, congestie nazala, astm si disfunctii ale perceptiei gustului.4. Aspartamul, E 951, este una dintre cele mai nocive substante din sucuri si provoaca cancerul, scleroza, epilepsia, maladiile Parkinson si Alzheimer.5. Acidul ciclamic sau E 952, este un indulcitor care poate da obezitate si diferite boli hepatice, cardio-vasculare si cerebrale.6. Sucraloza sau E 955 este unul dintre cei mai periculori aditivi. Afecteaza timusul (un organ mic din cavitatea toracica, care lupta impotriva cancerului si care d…

sa radem si sa ne inveselim

I. Cum au spart chinezii site-ul Pentagonului ?R. Fiecare a incercat cate o parola.I. Este adevarat ca impotenta se
poate trata cu lapte ?
R. Da,

daca in ceasca cu lapte se pun si doua linguri cu ghips.
I. Pot incepe orele de educatie sexuala cu fiica mea de 12 ani ?R. Da, veti invata lucruri noi si interesante !I. Care sunt cele 3 mari crize din viata unui

barbat ?
R. Pierderea nevestei, a locului de munca si prima zgarietura pe masina.I. Cum se numeste un barbat inteligent, sensibil si frumos ?R. Un zvon.I. Cum se numeste femeia care stie mereu unde este sotul ei ?R. Vaduva !!!I. De cate feluri sunt femeile?R. Femeile sant de trei feluri:> cele cuminti - care se culca numai cu

> curvele - care se culca cu toti si> curvele dracului - care se culca cu toti, numai cu mine nu!I. In cate grupe se impart femeile?R. Femeile se
impart in trei grupe:
- elastice (se intind cat tine patul).- supraelastice (se intind si prin alte paturi).- credincioase (se intind pana la Dumnezeu).I. Cum


irish bank

Victor Mavis
Allied Irish Bank

Dear Friend.

I got your contact through the internet, as more and more business is
turning online to sell their products and services; the internet has
become the best place to do business. More importantly, coupled with my
deep interest to invest in your country I have decided to reach you
because presently i am in desperate need of a trust worthy foreign person
for this proposal.

I am Victor Mavis, Head of internal Audit with Allied Irish Bank London,
During my auditing i discovered that in Febuary 2007, a client (foreigner)
who was a consultant/Gold merchant in London, made a numbered time Fixed
Deposit, valued at U$4,600,000.00 Four Million, Six hundred Thousand
United States Dollars),for twelve (12) calendar months in my Bank.

Upon maturity, a routine notification was sent to his forwarding address
by his account officer but got no reply. After a month, he sent a reminder
and finally we discovered from his contract employers that he is no longer
on earth. It is poss…

some girl

Made this today and it took me the whole day to do it,but was mainly to teach me how to apply value..

Apocalipse or just human distructure

It looks like lots of things are happening lately starting with 1 Janaury 2011:

1. political issues - on 28 November 2010, WikiLeaks began releasing some of the 251,000 American diplomatic cables unclassified, confidential and secret.



2. the birds and fish that died for no real reason
USA (Arkansas, Louisiana, Florida, Maryland-2 mil fish), Brazil (1 tone of fish), New Zeeland, Sweden, England, China, Italy, Japan all between 1.01.2011-6.01.2011

3. bees 90% of the colonies are extincted mainly in the USA but it's happening worldwide and this affects our whole planet such plants, animals, humans.. as it all comes down to food for everyone and the pesticides are the main cause here.



4. the banana fungus makes the fruit come close …


What do you say about REAL LIFE BUGS??
Well it looks like recently on the UK TV channels this advert is played constantly.. and why am I so pist off about it.. well from the advert it looks like the Brit owners of this magazine are encouraging the people to buy the magazine by offering as a bonus, alive animals, scorpions, insects or god knows what other creatures.. they all come plasticized (fossilized) in a plastic box.. it's all shown in the advert how they do it as they are alive during the process!!.. and all comes with the magazine.. imagine the amount of this alive, some rare creatures that are killed just to sell this magazine.. what a treat to give the buyer a close up look by owning one.. soon we will have extincted species all in the name of the marketing.. everything is going backwards with this campaigns meant to make money and destroy what we take for granted!!

They are in association with National History Museum.. where is RSPCA to take action?? or lets welcome the ac…

descantec de dragoste

Descantec de dragoste:

Daca vrei sa te iubeasca
Si cu drag sa te priveasca,
Cel din urma snop cules
...Prinde-l in cosita des.
Unge-te pe chip cu huma,
Veche de o saptamana.
Spala-te pe chip cu roua,
Adunata pe din doua.
Cu zapada adunata,
Fara a fi fost umblata
De picior de om vreodata,
Freaca-te pe corp cu spor si te va privi cu dor.

despre realitatea punct net este cel mai slab site de stiri de care m-am lovit din tara.. articolele sunt scrise agramat, video-urile nu apar, iar partea de functionalitate nu functioneaza.. hello renuntati la eticheta daca nu stiti sa prestatii ceea ce va doriti a fi!!! atat de superficial lucreaza cei din acea echipa..

oameni unicorni!!

Se pare ca in china exista 2 unicorni.. nu se stie cauza aparitiei lor dar ma gandesc ca o fi de la prea mult orez :P



This image is of a friend of mine, but don't know how I did it that it looks more like Christina Applegate..

Levitating Girl in Russian Woods