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For skin problems and not only I recommend pharmaceutical products based on natural ingredients. Keep in mind that for some products you pay more for the packaging then for the containing, as we do for L'Oreal and Garnier.. anyways here are some of my favorite face products which are a bit expensive, but they do work and don't create addictiveness.. also they cure the problem not cover it..

La Roche Posay is a French pharmaceutical product based on Thermal Spa Water. It protects against UV rays, moisturizes and locks the moisture in where the skin needs it, also gets rid of the blemishes and other skin problems such as acne and is gentle with your skin. I used this products for over a year and I can say they work like magic even after the first day, reason for which I recommended them to my friends. The quantity is sufficient enough to last for a long time as the product itself is very rich and efficient in small quantities.

Micro Needle Roll of 1.5mm can get rid of your spots (…

my recent dishes

This are some of the dishes I've done lately.. meat balls, potatoes and cheese crochets, cheese and ham pastry, and satay sauce with soy chicken..

Protest London

I've been on Saturday to watch the Love never dies with Carmen and on our way we got blocked by the mass of protesters.. It looked a bit like a festival since there was music, barbecue, people dressed up.. anyway here are some pics..

dog or sheep


tara noastra fara rost

same brand different name

Why in England people change the brand's name that everyone in Europe knows the product for and got used to, to a different name. For example the car brand Opel here is called Vauxhall. Rexona is called Sure, Denim is called Lynx, Ob is called Lil lets, Lays is Walkers. Now probably there are more products renamed in this country, but if is the same product why do they do this?

things I dislike or hate

- text someone and not get an answer back
- write to someone and not get an answer back
- to introduce you to my friends and you to not introduce me to your friends but to have the nerve to invite yourself to our gatherings
- to be asked to do your duty and when I do it to hear that is not to your liking then to pretend we are still friends
- to be asked to come over and then you to come 2 hours late on purpose
- to be told one thing and another at my back
- do things for you because we are friends but not getting the reverse
- promising things that you never fulfill just to cover your back in case I might stay there waiting for those promises to happen
- I keep my promises but to be told that I never do so just because I can't deliver them when you snap your fingers, but in my own time
- to be expected to give a certain present of a certain value and then to be send to charity regardless the financial effort made to please you
- to be asked to come over and when I do to not be a good time …


In life there are so many types of people, but what I can't stand are those that take and never give.. and when you stop giving they feel insulted.. but have they ever even considered to give at least once? as consequence more people are out of my circle.. I normally give 3 chances to repair your mistake, but when you don;t but make another one, then I let you go as you will be a waste of my time.. I visit you and I cover the costs, you don't visit me even if invited, I call you, you don't call me, I write to you, you don't write to me.. you say you miss me or you love me, but you do the opposite of the meaning of this words, so what should I make out of this? then this are the 3 signs where it all stops even if once in a while on a special occasion I text you and then you want to see me.. good bye for good.

for the religious ones



I'm looking for a room to rent for maximum £300 a month with council tax included.. I'm ready to live in a closet but somewhere where I'm much closer to the center. I can't afford to pay more then this and I want a room where I can bring anyone and do whatever I want in.


I'm so angry since I want to add a certain jquery gallery to my site and I don't know how since it uses js and php.. HELP!! anyone???



The God Delusion

It looks like the Christian religion is just as aggressive as any other one. Check what our Holy Bible is teaching the ignorant and naive:

''... you must kill him, your hand must strike the first blow in putting him to death and the hands of the rest of the people following. You must stone him to death, since he has tried to divert you from Yahweh your God" (Deuteronomy 13:7-11)

"But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves." (The Book of Numbers, conquest of Caanan, Numbers 31 is verses 17-18)

"Behold, here is my daughter a maiden, and his concubine, them I will bring out now, and humble ye them, and do with them what seemeth good unto you, but unto this man do not so vile a thing" (The Book of Judges, 19:24)

To me any religion which is asking one to be malicious in any kind, to protect that religion's doctrine it's a pure act of vileness often hidden behind a noble act so called of serving a h…


I love samosas and yesterday on the way to the party we garbed 2 of this to calm down the hunger.. it was horrible.. it was chicken samosa with lots of cinnamon as if it was a cookie or something but had more onion then anything else.. don't know where the chicken was.. but now I want to buy the pastry and do this myself and see how it is since now I don't trust to buy it from anywhere..


Had a lovely evening last night as I got to see our group from school.. It was Eder's 29 B-day.. a surprise party organized by Egle.. We got there late as we didn't know how to get there. I got to meet new people which is always nice and most of them are into design or programmers. Marina was there too. Everyone is doing great and was so nice to catch up, but sadly we had to leave early. I haven't got any pictures yet.. Thank you Egle for the invite and Happy Birthday to Eder! :)


I need someone to even up my hair for free.. I cut hair for free for so many years and for so many people but only my closest ones offered me something in return like paying for my haircut when I needed one or giving me something as sign of appreciation.. not like demanding to have a haircut just because I know them.. now I need something in return like a even up to save up the at least £35.. imagine over the years if I would have received at least £20 per haircut how much it would have been by now.. enough at least for a month rent pay.. so I'm waiting for Kappa to be available to give her the honor to do this :D

my new home office :D

Finally I got the HP LP2475W.


What do you think is better a pc tablet or an ereader?.. I read a lot about this but it seems if it's strictly for reading and if I am a heavy reader, then the ereader will be the answer.. but if I want more from this gadget then a PC tablet is what I should go for.. now on the market there are several options and maybe too many to help me decide which one to go for, but is to be remembered that it must have a dual core processor, 3G, SD slot, camera, support for a variety of application, touch screen with low responsiveness time, adjustable brightness and luminance, speakers, at least 7 inch screen, light weight, LCD screen and a good price.. here I've came across some reviews of what's about to come and what's already on the market..

Happy Martzishor's Day!!

Pt toate fetele LA MULTI ANI de ziua martisorului!!

expiring date

Have you noticed that here in England lots of products don't have all the ingredients, the manufacturing date and the expiring date on the label.. it's all about money.. as long as it sales who cares if it's good or bad for you in depth.. no wonder at TK-Maxx most of cosmetics stink since they are out of date and they show up as clearance products.. I'm using a Champneys scrub bought from Sainsbury.. don't know when was made nor when it will expire.. I have it for a while and had a funny smell from the very beginning.. now my skin had no reaction to it but should I wait until it does so, to know if it's off date or not?? Home we have a law for this and every product no matter where it came from and what is its purpose, must have ingredients, manufacturing date and expiring date on the product label and on the packaging.. here no way.. also the milk, the bread I mean the essential products god knows when they were made to know at least what they are using to mak…