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Done, finally.. by a very nice nurse.. it didn't hurt at all.. from what I read the jabs can be pretty expensive even covered by NHS as an administration fee might be required, but to be honest some of them on their website are for free.

Our GP is not one of those clinics that offer travel vaccines so it cost us £14.50 each for 2 vaccines for tetanus, diphtheria and polio, typhoid, hepatitis A and some combined vaccines, such as combined hepatitis A and B . In 6-12months we must go for a booster so in January or June 2012 we have to go back.

Do not go to one of those Travel Clinics as you will end up paying easily £45 per dose.

We had only some of the vaccines done as in the area we are going to, not all are needed and you can always check on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for the country you go to and what is recommended.…

TO outline or NOT the fonts

To create a booklet probably you all know you need to create a file to send to the printer, but other then the one you are working on.. well here is where I need to go to.. in 2005 I started doing the layout in CorelDraw and Illustrator and every time I had to convert the text to either curves or outlines on each page. Now pretty much everyone works with PDFs. That's because there is no need to convert the text to outline as the new PDF formats (x1-x4) have been created to support transparency, gradients, and embed fonts. The first flattens the effects. They can be open with Acrobat 4 and above. The later versions can even support live transparency. There have been few good discussions about this if we should or shouldn't outline the text. Since the PDF X-1 can flatten the transparency and outline while doing this and embed the fonts so that everything can be open on with an Acrobat 4 version then this is safe on the other end of the printer. No real need to convert any text. …

Tiago Hoisel

I absolutely love this piece of work and pretty much everything Tiago Hoisel makes.. I believe he was inspired by the image of this baby..


Recently I started to have a more controlled diet plus the supplements.. I have to get rid of the fat and focus on the muscles..

sa radem si sa ne inveselim

Ce sunt drogurile?
Drogurile sunt niste plante pe care le usucă gangsterii si le iau ca
pe niste medicamente, care ii amortizează, sa nu-si mai recunoască
faptele. (14 ani)

Ce este răscoala?

Răscoala înseamnă, când părintii nostri nu găsesc bani si atunci
răscolesc ca sa găsească. (8 ani)

Ce este economia?

Economie înseamnă sa nu mai cheltuim din salariu, ca sa-l punem la
banca. Cheltuim numai din ciubucul, care ni-l da seful. (7 ani)

Ce sunt amprentele?

Amprentele e când punem mana pe o clanta si rămân degetele acolo si le
găseste politia. (8 ani)

Ce este tristetea?

Tristete înseamnă când un om vine la altul si bea mult. (7 ani)

De ce se bat potcoave cailor?

Calului i se bat potcoave, pentru ca potcoavele sunt mai usoare decât
calul si ele merg mai repede decât calul. (8 ani)
La cal se pune potcoave, sa nu cada calul pe spate, atunci când pune
frâna, calul se întepeneste în potcoave. (9 ani)
La cal se pune potcoave ca sa tropăie pe strada, ca daca nu tropăieste
nu e cal. (7 ani)

Ce este respectul?


rise awareness to the cuts!!

Southall Travel

This is the worst agency ever.. don't use it.. there is no customer service and this people would rather still your money ignoring the legal articles for customer protection..

Aupair's must and mustn't

There are lot of aupairs out there that have no clue which are their rights and live like contemporary servants or maids in a house where they should be treated as family members. They should go on holidays with the host family and stick to the what is related to children within the working hours and if by mutual agreement give extra hours for extra payment if needed. The £85 for 25 hours a week plus the uncounted extra hours that add on being 40 by the end of the week, with not enough food, constant unpaid babysitting that allows no private life, should draw the line to aupairs.

I heard lots of times of mistreated girls just because of this. Of course there are the other girls that shouldn't even be allowed to get near a child but I'm not talking about them here. I'm talking about the families who take advantages of this girls of which they believe if live in their house, for the a very small monthly amount, the food and house facilities, should be deprived from a decen…


Since at the last party I didn't have any proper costume now I've ordered something from the internet.. it hasn't arrived yet but it should look like this..

ASDA ice cream commercial

Has anyone seen the ASDA TV advert of the rocket ice lolly.. well there is a little girl licking the ice lolly and while doing so she has this amazing line "Whenever I have an ice lolly I lick it then I eat it".. statistics show that Britain has the biggest pedophile number and you ask yourself why.. with this kind of adverts no wonder you lure them.. is like they are made to encourage the pedophilia!

also they encourage unhealthy eating.. see the advert of the little girl that eats ketchup..