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British racist comments

How embarrassing is this!! It looks like she was out of the streets for a while as she's been charged with racial harassment according to the Haffington Post UK. Bellow you can find the whole article.

"A woman has been charged with racial harassment after a video emerged in which she is allegedly shouting abuse aboard a Croydon-Wimbledon tram in South London.Emma West, 34, of New Addington, Croydon, was charged with a racially-aggravated public order offence, after an appeal by the British Transport Police to find the person at the centre of the incident aboard the tram.A video published on YouTube showed a woman with a toddler on her knee apparently shouting abuse at ethnic minority passengers.British Transport Police said they responded after the video was brought to their attention.West, who was arrested on Monday, remained in custody overnight and will appear before magistrates at Croydon crown court on Tuesday."

Sf. Andrei!!

La Multi Ani tuturor Andreilor si Andreelor :)

Piracy law

This American piracy law it's meant to diminish to the extent of nonexistent freedom of speech or movement on the internet either you are an american or international citizen.. Google and Facebook seem to be against it, and their lawyers will fight against it, but looks like this law enjoys a lot of political and corporate support from the american side which it's pro with the implementation of this amendments that infringes any democratic rights on international level! That's outrageous!

Christmas list

This year I want few random things:
- winter sleeping bag - candy floss maker - double bed cover set colored more to come


We need more storage and Ikea seems to be the place to go.. until today we said that we don't need a microwave as it would encourage us to become lazy from cooking healthy meals, so we were better off.. sadly now it's on the shopping list along with few other kitchen sets for spices and cereal..


At the gym that I'm going to, it's always something going on.. today at the national sport center they were filming on the basketball court some scenes with gymnasts flipping on the bar and they had 4 cuts in the 5 minutes that I was looking.. when I left they were changing the set to a long rolling platform.. amazing how big the crew was and the director seem to be an arse as he was shouting at everyone.. pretty deflating for one's confidence..

Un prieten adevarat

Un simplu prieten , cand vine in vizita se comporta ca un invitat.
Un prieten adevarat, iti deschide frigiderul si se serveste.

Un simplu prieten, nu te-a vazut niciodata plangand.
Un prieten adevarat are umerii umezi de la lacrimile tale.

Un simplu prieten, nu stie prenumele parintilor tai.
Un prieten adevarat are numarul de telefon al parintilor tai
in agenda telefonica.

Un simplu prieten aduce la ziua ta o sticla de bautura.
Un prieten adevarat soseste mai devreme pentru ca sa te ajute
la pregatiri si ramane mai tarziu ca sa te ajute sa faci curat.

Un simplu prieten nu agreeaza cand il suni in preajma orei lui de culcare.
Un prieten adevarat te intreaba de ce ti-a luat atat de mult pana l-ai sunat.

Un simplu prieten considera ca prietenia voastra a luat sfarsit cand apare
prima cearta intre voi.
Un prieten adevarat te suna imediat dupa cearta.

Un simplu prieten se asteapta sa fii mereu la dispozitia lui.
Un prieten adevarat este mereu in preajma ta.

Tk Maxx purchases

Everyone knows I'm a huge fan of this store and recently I needed to buy some winter clothing and of course I bought them from Tk-maxx.. Well as usual I got distracted by other things and I also bought two pairs of shoes and a bag :)

Now the beauty of it is that they have an online store and if I can't find my size I can look it up online and since it's free delivery until January I will order without loosing the delivery price in case what I ordered doesn't fit and I can exchange the items to any Tk-Maxx store.

Here are my recent purchases. Enjoy!

Giff Gaff

Got my new sim card today.. comes for free ordered online.. I got an invite for this and it has £5 on it.. offers unlimited internet usage, but not sure about the data transfer.. still a very cheap price comparative to the old competitors.. I believe this card it's a branch of O2..


One on my favorite shops it's Tk-Maxx and it's such a shame it's not in most of the countries.. in Europe it can be found mainly in England, then Ireland, Germany and Poland.. How about the rest of the countries like Spain, Holland, Greece etc.. I need some new clothes and this is the place to go.. it's great that now they have online shopping with free delivery until after new Years Eve :)

Romanian System

Today I went to the Romanian consulate for a document.. this sent be straight back.. the way these people handle customer service.. I felt as if I was disturbing them by asking to do their job.. on top they made grammar errors to my text that needed to be corrected.. the eyes rolling because I had the nerve to ask for a correction.. why do I take so long to read the text?? cos I needed to make sure it was correctly written!! they forgot to give me a receipt and when I asked for it they said they gave it to someone else.. huh?!?!? how is that possible??
that was an experience that reminded me of why I don't want ever to go back home!!


M-am mutat in noul meu barlog.. e cam frig aici dar asta e..

A Must Read

On her radio show, Dr Laura Schlesinger said that, as an observant Orthodox Jew, homosexuality is an abomination according to Leviticus 18:22, and cannot be condoned under any circumstance. The following response is an open letter to Dr. Laura, which was posted on the Internet. It's funny, well as informative:

Dear Dr. Laura:
Thank you for doing so much to educate people regarding God's Law. ......I have learned a great deal from your show, and try to share that knowledge with as many people as I can. When someone tries to defend the homosexual lifestyle, for example, I simply remind them that Leviticus 18:22 clearly states it to be an abomination. End of debate. I do need some advice from you, however, regarding some other elements of God's Laws and how to follow them.

1. Leviticus 25:44 states that I may possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighboring nations. A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not Canad…

Dopamine Jackpot! Sapolsky on the Science of Pleasure

The effect of the dopamine and what causes the level of our expectations to be hold until a very long time until we receive the reward.. I'm very impressed by the ending!! A must watch!


I don't understand why but every instructor at the gym I go to it's bold.. is not like the workout made them loose hair.. no, but it's a trend that I don't get which makes them all shave their heads.. of course there is sweat, etc but come on.. they all look the same!


chemarile mele: desen, muzica si blog :)

Thai food

Ive done this last night.. a bit too spicy this time, nevertheless just as good :)

Wolfram Alpha

In case you want accurate search and you are tired to scroll up and down to the endless options given by Google, the you should check out the Wolfram Alpha engine. Very useful for computing your research straight to the point! Cool tool that saves you up time.

Fatcow vs UnlimitedWebHosting Review

I just joined I'm starting to regret this, maybe because through comparison they are no way near the top class service provided by my previous provider FatCow, which was so good at delivering solutions in the shortest time.. now I get frustrated with the new host provider as it's been going on for 3 days to get help to set up the form mail. . they asked me the same questions over and over to hand them the fatcow script which I don't have and then they asked me to use some random script from google.. wtf.. why they don't support it by default like a normal web host provider?.. at FatCow was done and running in 30min.. it's getting on my nerves as UWH don't seem professional at all.. plus their control panel plesk it's so primitive and we are forced to use it.. no application it's installed and if you want to have it installed well you have to disable the php safety option, or else you get an error.. I'm starting to regret bein…


I got a new webhost, but I got problems putting up my blog as I didn't export the files from the datebase of my previous provider.. :((( now it's a bit of waiting involved..


Listening to Arcana which reminds me of the live concert.. what an experience.. it was in Camden Town in Underworld.. I recorded these clips 3 years ago..


Am pofta de gem de gutui... unde s-o putea gasi in Londra asta?? dar daca tot vb de gem sa aducem si dulceata in discsutie.. cea de visine ca doar e preferata mea, dar si de nuci verzi e buna, sau de prune, caise, lubenita.. vai imi ploua in gura deja :(((((((((((((

Web Hosting

I've been looking for a good web host for the last 2 weeks. I have a very good provider, in fact it's one of the top, but because I had a 70% off deal and now I have to pay the full price a bit over £90 per year I find it a bit too much, so I have to look for a new one.. I have been reading reviews after reviews and people should know to run away from Mochahost as they are a very misleading company that is after your money only. Actually there is planned a campaign against their service.
It's insane how many options and how many hidden prices there are.. I looked at Web10, iPage, iMotion, HostGator, Kualo, GoDaddy, UnlimitedWebHosting, BlueHost, JustHost etc.. It's a very tedious research that still to this point hasn't helped me find a host.. I'm running out of time and I'm feeling the despair!! Need help with advice or something.

asian food improvisation

Something I cooked not long ago.. some improvisation with chicken, turmeric, red peppers, carrots, green peas, chilly, tomato sauce, pepper and of course rice.. it was quite nice not because I made it, but because of the combination really worked :D and the second dish was green thai with wild rice made in Greece with some ingredients I brought from UK.. couldn't find all the veggies, but was just as nice :) and I love Thai food!!


Does anyone knows a good web host for a decent yearly price, enough disk space and that offers the basics for a website. Need to renew ASAP and I don't like the option I found yet..

53am Salon Review

I must give a negative review to 53am salon in Notting Hill, place which must be avoided. I went yesterday to have my hair restyled with a new fresh haircut. I got a voucher from Groupon for "Wash, Cut, Restyle, Blow Dry and Conditioning Treatment for £26 at 53am (Up to £75 Value)". The booking was done quickly. I received only the haircut and blow dry. Once there I asked for lots of layers and an inch cut of the length. Kate my hairdresser said layers can't be done on medium long hair so she just give me a trim. But really I always had layers and it can be done!! When she saw how unhappy I was at the end she cut something at the back. She was mute the whole time she cut my hair and ignored every time I asked her to give me layers. She didn't let me look at the back and home I’ve noticed I have a gap at the back of my head. I'm furious with them since this was meant to be a service given by a stylist not an amateurish hairdresser. I still want the haircut I went…

Daca esti Roman citeste asta!!

UN TEXT CARE MERITĂ TOATĂ ATENŢIA ŞI CARE AR TREBUI POPULARIZAT CAT MAI MULT…ACAD. DINU GIURESCU DESPRE DESFIINŢAREA JUDEŢELOR ŞI NU NUMAI: „Statul de astăzi apără pe altcineva… nu România”R. T.: Vă rog să-mi spuneţi cum priviţi această iniţiativă prin care conducerea Statului Român vrea să desfiinţeze judeţele actuale?D.C. Giurescu: Această iniţiativă se înscrie într-un şir de acţiuni care sunt menite, pe de-o parte, să destrame unitatea teritorială a ţării şi, pe de altă parte, să şteargă identitatea noastră naţională.Şi acuma noi vrem să desfiinţăm cu o trăsătură de pix toată această întocmire care are o vechime între 600 şi 700 de ani, intrată în conştiinţa mea. Nu-i aşa? Ce eşti dumneata? Eu sunt din Vlaşca, eu sunt din Argeş în primul rând, şi pe urmă evident că sunt din România, fiindcă Vlaşca şi Argeşul sunt parte din România. Ce facem? Şterg cu buretele, şterg cu pixul tot? Unde voi fi? Din regiunea 1, cetăţeanul cu codul numeric personal cutare, pe care îl înscriu cu două-tr…