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Licence in webdesign

For programmers and web developers here is something you might want to read on licence for the codes you are using on your client's projects..

ShePAC bannes Facebook visitors

I was watching earlier The Young Turks video about the ShePAC which is attacking the HBO comedian Bill Maher on making jokes about women. In my opinion this is one mean PR move to make them popular by attacking the ones who laugh at the republicans. Maybe this is the real purpose of the group and no one can bitch about something better than a group of women. Yeah, that's exactly what the world needed. You can watch the video fully above.

However this rouse my interest in seeing what this American group was about. I went to their website and a window popped up with a video editing taken out of the context of Bill Maher's jokes during several shows. On the front page is the same video with what seems to be a joke advert to call on Obama PAC to "Denounce Misogynist Bill Maher". Looking around on the page it's seems very propagandish more like a women’s movements against the left wing disguised in a conservative women's group called ShePAC.

I had to check their fac…


tralala :D


Now it's official! I WON!! :D the EMC Greenplum competition for "The Human Face of Big Data". What a great way to start the month!
I'm really happy :)

This was my entry image :D