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What a freelancer would you do?

As a freelancer you will learn that your time is very precious. Before starting to work on a brief you have to do your homework and find out as much as you possible can about your client. That's to avoid being used by a scam client or fake company that only wants your work for free. There are patterns in working with such people that in time you will learn to stay away from. While you haven't met this sort of people in your career ahead is good to stay safe than sorry. Below are few tips to help you avoid such rough experiences.

How do you get to know your client?

When you receive the brief how do you get to know your client? Is it over the internet through back and forth emails, skype, out at a coffee shop or at the client's office?
Either way you have to make sure this client has a registered business, you know it's real business address and contact details, if possible check if it has a valid website, clients, reputation, see any article you can find about them.

What …

Stop Monsanto killing the worldwide population

Bernie Sanders presents a bill that would impose on those such as Monsanto who produce genetically modified food to inform the population by adding such ingredients to the product label. We the population need and want to know what we are eating.

Tips to become a better artist

Read the DA article about 7 Tips To Instantly Become a Better Artist. I must add it's pretty inspiring. Enjoy!


Over the last 5 days I've started doing sourveys. I will be doing this for a month to see if it can generate any income. So far I got £0.50, but already took part at over 20 sourveys. However I do not qualify to go through the whole process for not even 70% of them since I happen to not meet their criteria. I'll keep you posted.

Embarassing Workers

In my search for jobs I came across few embarrassing mistakes from random employees that are meant to have a conversation with me and decide whether to invite me for an interview or not.. not professional at all.

Today I received an application form to fill in for a job I applied in May.  Apparently they've been busy with hundreds of emails, but I'm lucky enough to be considered to fill in the form. Except for one small detail."Please be aware the deadline for applications is 16th April, any applications received after this date will not be considered. Due to the numbers of applications we receive, we are not able to respond to everyone, so if you do not hear from us within one month of the closing date, you have been unsuccessful this time."Today is 7 June for goodness sake! This email was sent by the Bookings Manager.

Wednesday being yesterday, I was out from early morning so I didn’t had time to check my email. At about 2 o'clock when I got back I saw I was invi…

Digital Design vs Graphic Design

When I started working as a graphic designer the job requirements were so different than the ones today for the same role.

In 2005 graphic designer meant to be fluent in CorelDraw, Quark, Illustrator and Photoshop for printing design for illustrations, logos, posters, flyers, books etc.

Nowadays a graphic designer needs to know the entire Adobe Suite meaning:
Illustrator - logos, vector illustrations, buttons, icons, typography, brushes, custom shapes etc
Indesign - layout for posters, brochures, books, catalogues, calendars etc
Photoshop - photo editing/retouching/manipulation, visual effects, digital painting, textures, brushes, patterns, buttons, web design etc
Dreamweaver - web design, HTML/CSS, responsive fluid grid, html email, newsletters etc
Fireworks - web design, framework, buttons, animations etc
Flash - banners, adverts, email marketing, animations etc
After Effects - video editing
3D modeling/Java/PHP/Ajax/Pearl/MySql would be a plus
Web apps for iphone and android

When y…