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Ikea catalog Saudi Arabia photoshoped the women

The IKEA catalog from Saudi Arabia has photoshoped all the women.. they are no longer there!!

How to assemble your Wacom Intuos pen

After being asked how to disassemble a Wacom Intuos4 pen, I've decided to write a separate post on this topic. In the photo below I've numbered each step in the exact order of how I disassembled each element of my Intuos4 Wacom pen.
1. Remove the pen circular head by unscrewing it.
2. Pull gentle the button and you should hear a click when it's out as it's fitted like a lego piece in 2 holes. by 2 plastic pins. 
3. Slide gently the top half of the pen (the plastic grip).
4. This part should be easy as the bottom half of the pen comes out fairly easily ( in the eraser cap you should have 2 small springs that normally go inside of each other, b. there is a rail inside it through which you should slide the circuit board when you assemble it and it helps you to position it correctly)
5. This is the protective housing where the board is kept.
6. Slide gently the circuit board from the plastic main housing.
Please find the steps in the following image and if you need …

Sa radem si sa ne inveselim

Nu o mai las pe nevasta-mea la volan ... Conduce atat de prost, incat astazi GPS-ul a inceput sa spuna ''Tatal nostru". - Cum se cheama un cioban caruia lupul i-a mancat o oaie?
- Oaierless Anunt scris la o gradinita:
"Va rugăm sa nu luati in seama ce spun copiii ca fac aici,
pentru ca nici noi nu luam in seama ce spun copiii ca faceti voi acasa "
Mamico, vaca zice muuu sau nuuu?
- Eh, depinde de bou…

Sânii sunt dovada clara ca si barbatii se pot concentra la doua lucruri
in acelasi timp. I: Cum se numeste bagheta aceea care-i face pe barbati sa dispara?
R: Test de sarcina. - Ce femei preferati: cele care vorbesc mult sau pe celelalte?
- Care celelalte?

Marketingul pe înţelesul tuturor

Marketingul pe înţelesul tuturor 
Regulile de bază ale marketingului explicate amuzant de către un profesor la   Institutul Indian de Management din Ahmedabad (IIMA). 
1. Eşti la o petrecere şi vezi o fată superbă. Te duci la ea şi îi spui: "Sunt extrem de bine dotat. Culca-te cu mine".
- Asta înseamnă marketingul direct. 
2. Eşti la o petrecere împreună cu prietenii şi vezi o fată superbă.
Unul dintre prietenii tăi se duce la ea, arată spre tine şi spune: "Tipul ăla este   extrem de bine dotat. Culca-te cu el".
- Asta înseamnă publicitate. 
3. Eşti la o petrecere şi vezi o fată superbă. Te duci la ea şi îi iei numărul de telefon. A doua zi o suni şi îi spui: "Bună. Sunt extrem de bine dotat. Culca-te cu mine"
- Asta înseamnă telemarketing. 
4. Eşti la o petrecere şi vezi o fată superbă. Te ridici, îţi aranjezi cravata, te duci spre ea, îi oferi de băut, îi deschizi uşa (de la maşină), o ajuţi să urce, te oferi să o duci până acasă, după care spui: "…

Stop Monsanto killing the worldwide population

Bernie Sanders presents a bill that would impose on those such as Monsanto who produce genetically modified food to inform the population by adding such ingredients to the product label. We the population need and want to know what we are eating.

Tips to become a better artist

Read the DA article about 7 Tips To Instantly Become a Better Artist. I must add it's pretty inspiring. Enjoy!


Over the last 5 days I've started doing sourveys. I will be doing this for a month to see if it can generate any income. So far I got £0.50, but already took part at over 20 sourveys. However I do not qualify to go through the whole process for not even 70% of them since I happen to not meet their criteria. I'll keep you posted.

Embarassing Workers

In my search for jobs I came across few embarrassing mistakes from random employees that are meant to have a conversation with me and decide whether to invite me for an interview or not.. not professional at all.

Today I received an application form to fill in for a job I applied in May.  Apparently they've been busy with hundreds of emails, but I'm lucky enough to be considered to fill in the form. Except for one small detail."Please be aware the deadline for applications is 16th April, any applications received after this date will not be considered. Due to the numbers of applications we receive, we are not able to respond to everyone, so if you do not hear from us within one month of the closing date, you have been unsuccessful this time."Today is 7 June for goodness sake! This email was sent by the Bookings Manager.

Wednesday being yesterday, I was out from early morning so I didn’t had time to check my email. At about 2 o'clock when I got back I saw I was invi…

Digital Design vs Graphic Design

When I started working as a graphic designer the job requirements were so different than the ones today for the same role.

In 2005 graphic designer meant to be fluent in CorelDraw, Quark, Illustrator and Photoshop for printing design for illustrations, logos, posters, flyers, books etc.

Nowadays a graphic designer needs to know the entire Adobe Suite meaning:
Illustrator - logos, vector illustrations, buttons, icons, typography, brushes, custom shapes etc
Indesign - layout for posters, brochures, books, catalogues, calendars etc
Photoshop - photo editing/retouching/manipulation, visual effects, digital painting, textures, brushes, patterns, buttons, web design etc
Dreamweaver - web design, HTML/CSS, responsive fluid grid, html email, newsletters etc
Fireworks - web design, framework, buttons, animations etc
Flash - banners, adverts, email marketing, animations etc
After Effects - video editing
3D modeling/Java/PHP/Ajax/Pearl/MySql would be a plus
Web apps for iphone and android

When y…

Journey in finding work in London

I remember when I first arrived in UK. That was 5 years ago. As soon as I saw London I knew this was the place where I wanted to be.

Before coming here I was having a secured job as graphic designer in my own country. I was lucky enough to get this job right after graduation even though I held a diploma in philosophy-sociology. Drawing and designing have always been my main passion. This was something I did in my spare time and that's how I learnt how to use CorelDraw, Photoshop and ProPaint years ago. It helped me build a portfolio which granted me my dream job.

In my nativity I thought with a bit of hard work I would carry on doing the same in London, but the journey proved to be a lot harder than I expected. Being Romanian even though a EU member, our work rights are limited here to aupair, agriculture and constructions. I went for the aupair job and to not lose, but rather improve my design skills, I joined a college the moment I arrived in London.

I was very ambitious at the …

Goodbye Illustration

My friend is leaving the country for good. Since I didn't know what to get her and I wanted to be something light that she could carry back home, I've made what I can do best, an illustration of her. This is her portrait. Hopefully in time this will still remind her of us her friends and London.

I used a photo as reference. It took me roughly 3 days to paint it in Photoshop. Her reaction was a well worth whileeffort :)

Recent work

This is something I've done this month..

Need a junior graphic designer job?

For a Junior Graphic Designer position you need to be:

- Mac and PC proficient
- fluent in Indesign, Quark, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash
- min 3 years experience in the industry
- highly skilled in HTML, CSS, (HTML5 it's a plus) and MySql
- experience with various CMS
- confident creating UI and UX, web app and marketing banners and newsletters
- developing front-end and back-end websites for highly trafficked database
- 3D modeling, video editing, it's a plus
- ability to quickly illustrate concepts trough, sketch, story board, wireframe
- experience with in-house or agency preferable
- meet tight deadlines and liaise with clients, print collaborators, marketing team, sale representative
- DTP, repro-printing, proof printing for mass printing
- work in a very demanding team and have a great sense of humor
- great communication skills written and spoken
- annual salary based on experience 14.000-22.000

If this is you don't hesitate to apply to join our team.

One of the Best bands

Depeche Mode - Policy of Truth

Licence in webdesign

For programmers and web developers here is something you might want to read on licence for the codes you are using on your client's projects..

ShePAC bannes Facebook visitors

I was watching earlier The Young Turks video about the ShePAC which is attacking the HBO comedian Bill Maher on making jokes about women. In my opinion this is one mean PR move to make them popular by attacking the ones who laugh at the republicans. Maybe this is the real purpose of the group and no one can bitch about something better than a group of women. Yeah, that's exactly what the world needed. You can watch the video fully above.

However this rouse my interest in seeing what this American group was about. I went to their website and a window popped up with a video editing taken out of the context of Bill Maher's jokes during several shows. On the front page is the same video with what seems to be a joke advert to call on Obama PAC to "Denounce Misogynist Bill Maher". Looking around on the page it's seems very propagandish more like a women’s movements against the left wing disguised in a conservative women's group called ShePAC.

I had to check their fac…


tralala :D


Now it's official! I WON!! :D the EMC Greenplum competition for "The Human Face of Big Data". What a great way to start the month!
I'm really happy :)

This was my entry image :D

Rebirth of GAEA

Very artistic and I love the way the whole process is presented.. shame the final image it's shown only for a split second, nevertheless just as impressive :)

REBIRTH of GAEA - Flowing Meditation from Jesse Michael Newman on Vimeo.

How to add source code to your blog with syntaxhighlighter

Some of you might expect blogger to come with a button/script/widget to let you add source code into your post and be displayed like plain text or code without being seen as code and included into the theme. Well you're wrong and trust me I looked for widgets and read on blogger forums about scrips and even tried to update to a newer theme to get the extra tools for this. It's nothing out there from them. Don't get me wrong I did try to use put quote here and for code put code hereat no avail.

So you either do your own research or don't add code at all as it wont show up without a good script and wait for blogger to come up with something. I went for the first option. Throughout my search 4 blogs stand out and they all talk about SyntaxHighlighter the one I eventually went for and the google-code-prettify.

At last I found this blog of Matthew V Ball where it's all nicely explained and easier to implement into the theme code:…

How to add jump links to multiple posts in wordpress

Yesterday I spent pretty much the whole day searching and reading about how to create a jump link to a post title within the same page.
I want to have all the title links above the page and on click to be sent to the very article without having to scroll all the way down. This has to be done dynamically and I tried to combine the anchor links used in html and the id tag to the php code, but for multiple posts on a page this becomes a problems as it can't be generated by wordpress. I need the php code for this.
From what I read this question has been asked for nearly a year and the only solution is to use a plugin. I don't want to use a plugin as I know it must be another way around it.
Any help will be much appreciated.
I tried a bit of everything.

The usual html code:

Title 1
Title 2

Current Posts


Here I should add post-123, where 123 = the numeric post ID. This doesn't generates the future posts id tag but only one link for a specific post. It doesn't necessa…

Find the cat a different image

This is a different image where I still couldn't find it :( If you do find it please let me know where it is.

How to align bullets with text in CSS using ul li

I've been going back and forth with searching and testing on how to align horizontally graphic bullets with text in CSS..

this is my code:

padding-left: 15px;
list-style-position: outside;

.links li{
padding: 5px 0px;
color: #16808C;
list-style-image: url(../images/layout/link_arrow.png);
text-align: left;

I can't figure it out as I tried changing the li with no luck.. is here a syntax error that I can't spot?

.links li{
padding: 5px 0px;
color: #16808C;
list-style-image: url(../images/layout/link_arrow.png)no-repeat center left;
text-align: left;
vertical-align: text-top;
background-position: 0 50%;

How to fix your Wacom Intuos4 pen stylus

Yesterday my wacom pen stylus just fell from my hand right onto the tip. I don't know how it slipped but the button jumped and I could see through the button holes the PCB. I unscrewed the pen tip and removed the rubber grip. I cleaned it on the inside from collected dust (just like you would get with the wheel mouse), and put everything back in.
To put everything back in I started with the rubber grip which slided over the plastic pen, then put the button back into the holes and pressed gently until I heard a click which meant the buttons became stable. At last I screwed the pen tip back and now my pen it's functioning normal. If there are people clumsy like me hope this post will help you solve your problem. I added a photo to visualize it better :) Good luck everyone!

For more info please check my other post where I fixed a different problem with the button and it's all explained with the aid of photos.

how to distort a text in illustrator 5

Hi I need help with fitting a text in a trapeze perspective shape, but I can't figure it out how to do it.. I'm looking for the same effect that the Photoshop transform distort tool does.. I spent hours looking at tutorials, and I can't find the right one as the text is not keeping the perspective nor the spaces between the letters.. any suggestions? I tried the shear tool, also I outlined the text, created a bounding box around the text, grouped the two then selected the free transform tool, dragged the corner, hold ctrl to adjust the text to the shape and it's taking forever to adjust the text to the shape with a sloppy result that takes an awful amount of time.. I'm under pressure right now as I need to get this sorted quick... In other words I would really appreciate any sort of help..

sa radem si sa ne inveselim..

Francezii au facut niste sapaturi arheologice si au gasit la vreo 50 m
adancime resturi de fire de cupru. Dupa ce au fost cercetate cu atentie de
oameni de stiinta, s-a tras concluzia ca stramosii francezilor, Galii,
pusesera la punct o retea de telefonie subterana.

La aceasta neasteptata veste, nemtii, ca sa nu ramana mai prejos, au
inceput si ei sa sape si pe la 70 m adancime au gasit niste resturi de
sticla de unde, dupa alte cercetari, au ajuns la concluzia ca stramosii
lor, Gotii, pusesera la punct o retea subterana de fibre optice.

Romanii au inceput si ei sa sape; pana la 100 m nu au gasit nimic si au
ajuns la concluzia ca dacii comunicau wireless!

Inainte de a deveni parinti......

Inainte de a deveni parinti......

1. Pentru a va pregati sa deveniti mama, imbracati un halat de baie si fixati-va pe burta un sac plin cu fasole. Dupa 9 luni, scoateti doar 10% din continutul sacului! Pentru tatici: fugiti repede la farmacie, goliti-va portofelul pe tejghea si invitati farmacistul sa se serveasca. Dupa aceea, mergeti la supermarket si cereti ca salariul dvs sa fie varsat direct in contul magazinului.

2. Pentru a avea o idee despre cum va veti petrece serile, intre orele 17h si 22h parcurgeti in lung si in lat sufrageria purtând in brate un sac umed care cântareste intre 4 si 6 kg. La ora 22h lasati sacul, reglati desteptatorul la 00h00 si mergeti la culcare. La miezul noptii, treziti-va si parcurgeti din nou sufrageria purtând sacul timp de o ora. Reglati desteptatorul la ora 3h00. Imposibil sa mai adormiti, evident, asa ca treziti-va la ora 02.00 si serviti-va ceva de baut.Intoarcerea in pat la 2h45. Când suna desteptatorul, un sfert de ora mai târziu, trezirea! Cânta…

Sa radem si sa ne inveselim :P

Cică domnul prim ministru plecase să taie panglica la câţiva kilometri de autostradă. Uitându-se pe geamul maşinii, vede la marginea drumului doi amărâţi care frământau chirpici cu picioarele goale.
Intrigat de ceea ce vede, domnul prim ministru opreşte maşina şi îi întreabă pe cei doi:
- Măi, oameni buni, nu vă este ruşine de faceţi nenorocirea asta de chirpici, într-o ţară membră a Uniunii Europene, care tocmai a reuşit, sub îndrumarea FMI, să se macrostabilizeze? Ce-i înapoierea asta? Ce faceţi cu amestecul ăsta oribil de bălegar, paie şi noroi?
- Domnule prim ministru, răspunde unul dintre indivizi, nu-l facem pentru noi. Îl exportăm în Federaţia Rusă.
- Îl exportaţi în Rusia?!! Extraordinar! Ce luaţi pe el?
- Ştiţi, ruşii nu prea au rezervă valutară, aşa că ne plătesc în natură. Ne dau o mie de AK-47 pe tona de chirpici.
- Sunteţi nebuni?! Introduceţi ilegal armament în ţară!
- Nuuu! Nu intră neam de AK-47 în România. Le reexportăm imediat în Iran.
- În Iran?! La teroriştii ăia? Ce luaţi…

Wordpress 3.3.1 custom fields

For those like me which struggle with the new wordpress 3.3.1 settings for the custom fields, read this.

When you go to pages, on the right upper side you will see a tab with a dropdown menu called "Screen Options".. Yes you're right that's where the page attributes, custom fields etc are..

What I still can't find is the template under the page attributes but I do see the parent and order.. if anyone can help please drop in a line..


Found the problem and embarrassing enough my path for the template was wrong.. I moved the template file to the /wp-content/themes

Megaupload got busted!

After I read few articles looks like the "Stop Online Piracy Act" SOPA and "PROTECT IP Act" PIPA it's happening.. The US government wants to shut people up as the freedom of speech we have today is too much to take in since the Wikileaks event. They will try by any means to take action against us, as now WE are a threat to them by having access to the online information. They want to take over the most effective free form of communication we have today, The INTERNET. They want to control it under a noble disguise act against piracy. This will not only censure every thing we do on the internet, but will allow them to have full control over it on an international level which will empower the US government to take legal actions and imprison people under this act. Hollywood and Universal Music amongst other big corporation had offered their support. Now Google, Twitter and Facebook are against it, but sadly enough they didn't take part at the Blackout on Wedn…

Wordpress 3.3.1 permalinks bug

I was customizing a theme in the latest Wordpress version 3.3.1. I wanted to set the permalinks from an early start to date and name and I got an error message:Not FoundThe requested URL /2012/01/19/bla/ was not found on this server

After googling a bit it seems like in the htaccess file the rewrite rules are the problem as they are trying to turn the URL into variables for the wp_query system. I tested it myself and the rules in the php file change once I switch to a different permalink option and I'm asked to click yes or no. Of course for the sake of SEO I wanted the date and name in my permalink, but apparently according to the post below the Search Engine Research Page will not rate the URL as it will be seen as old. So performance wise if a permalink setting it's stating with a number the wordpress system will not triggering a flag to create a rule enhancing the permalink and slowing down the URL. I haven sorted out what seems to be the problem that makes only the default…

Dance Central

Finally I got the Dance Central game and I got muscle ache now, as yesterday I spent nearly 4 hours on it.. was fun though :D

Retrospective 2011

Not that creative this year.

Dance Central 2

Some friends keep on telling me how fun is the Dance Central 2 game (for Xbox).. now I want to buy it, but I was surprised in an unpleasant way by the prices in store and online.. it's ridiculous to pay 34.99 for a game.. does it comes with anything at all at this price? NO. I was browsing randomly on Amazon right after the Christmas and I've seen it for 18.99 brand new.. I looked it up again now that I want it.. gone.. now at 24.99 is the lowest I could find.. still I think it's a rip off.. so no game for me yet..

Mobile websites not functional

I started to get really frustrated when I access a website from a phone or tablet as the website lacks the full functionality and most of the times I can't even go to where I intended as the time to get me there is longer then on regular websites and I completely lose interest to use the website.. why does it have to be set by default to mobi website? the main problem for me is when some websites don't even offer the possibility to switch to the full website in order to navigate to a certain page, article or product... I'm totally against mobi websites if there is no other option presented!